Laser ablation removes material from a solid surface by exposing it to a laser beam. A laser beam heats the material’s surface causing the top layer to evaporate or sublimate and eventually disappear.


This technique can be used to clean surfaces or to remove paint and coatings. Especially on metal, the laser energy can be selectively absorbed by coatings. The pulsed laser beams can subsequently be used to prepare a surface to be painted or welded without damaging the surface.

The benefits of laser ablation

  • Easy to automate
  • Low running costs, certainly lower than sandblasting
  • No damage to the carbon fiber parts due to the less abrasive process
  • Minimal heating of the object
  • Nature-friendly and no solvents


Discover some of our laser ablation projects here, click to view more laser projects or contact us for your customized laser project.

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