Balliu offers a wide range of solutions to improve the material flow to and away from your laser machine. By further automating this supply and discharge, the movement of materials and parts between different departments will run more smoothly.

These automated solutions ensure that the productivity of the laser machine increases. Balliu offers automated solutions that vary from one simple action to a fully automated machine.

Flow to the machine:
  • Sheet material
  • Tubes
  • 3D material
Flow away from the machine:
  • Finished pieces
  • Cutting waste

Possibilities for optimization of the material flow


Balliu is an expert in improving the material flow of your laser machine. For example, Balliu designed various pallet changers, linear and rotary loaders and dischargers to further automate the material flow from sheet material to the machine. It’s also possible to automatically remove large pieces of cutting waste before unloading to optimize the material flow to the laser machine. In addition, loading systems, sorting systems and automatic length measurement of tubes can be added to the laser machine, just like the use of robotic arms. All these custom-made solutions automate the material flow and further ameliorate your specific laser machine.


Discover some of our laser projects here, click to view more laser projects or contact us for your customized laser project.

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