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Balliu is specialized in customized projects. We develop custom-made machines for your specific branch. Whatever it is you are looking for, we can provide it. With our smart laser solutions and our expertise in sales and customer support, the productivity of your company rises. Thanks to our know how and innovative R&D department we have become one of the key players in the field of large industrial laser machines.

Our offer ranges from machines for laser cutting, laser welding, laser cladding, ablation, material flow, automation and marking to specific customization. Our ability to combine and adapt machines to the needs of our customers is the basis of our success.

Combined machines

Endless customization possibilities

Robotics and automation

Blauw Snijden Cutting Lasersnijden Lasercutting Balliu LasersnijmachineBlauw Lassen Welding Laserlassen Laserwelding Balliu LaserlasmachineBlauw Ablatie Ablation Laserablatie Laserablation Balliu Laser ablatieBlauw Maatwerk Customization Bespoke Combined machines Gecombineerde machines Balliu Lasermachine op maatBlauw Materiaalstroom automatisatie Material handling Automisation Balliu

Laser cutting

Our laser machines cut with fine precision and speed through plates, tubes and 3D objects in different materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium, plastic, rubber, wood etc. Different kinds of laser sources are possible, among which fiber and CO2.

Laser welding

With laser welding, metal parts are assembled by adding the heat of a laser beam very locally. This leads to a minimum of thermal distortion and a zone that’s minimally thermally affected. Welding is possible with different types of laser as CO2, fiber or diode.

Laser cladding

Laser cladding includes covering of a metal object with a hard, corrosion resistant layer. This technique uses a laser that melts the powder down on the object. Laser cladding is often used to make objects more resistant to abrasive wear which leads to a significant increase of the lifespan. With these machines, you can also provide metal parts with a local heat treatment causing local hardening. This techniques can be used for new parts, but this has also great benefits for repairing worn products.


Balliu is an export-oriented company. About 90% of our laser machines go to various countries all over the world, where they are used for a wide variety of applications. We are proud to say that we have machines on every continent! Discover some of our laser products on this map.

Does your country already have a Balliu laser machine?

Laser machine Service

Balliu offers her clients a high-quality service where every customers gets a thorough training about their brand-new machine. Our experts provide advice and support during start-up of the machine and teach your company to properly control the application. Does our service appeal to you? Please do not hesitate to contact us and who knows, maybe your company will show off with its own customized Balliu-machine soon!

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