At Balliu we think it’s extremely important to understand the needs of our customers. By understanding your wishes we can design laser machines which provide important benefits for the efficiency of your production process. To perfectly fit your company’s needs and specific business situation, the standard cutting, welding or cladding machines are often not the solution.


A specific production process often requires that the laser machine is adapted to the specific needs of this process. That is why the majority of the machines at Balliu are custom-made and adapted to the unique needs of the customer.

What kind of customized laser machine do you need?

Designing a customized laser machine involves a wide range of possibilities. Customers often want their machine to be adapted to the specific base material they use (sheet material, pipes…). Balliu designs combined machines, machines for ablation, machines with robots and automated characteristics, machines for large or special materials or we integrate machines into existing projects, the possibilities are endless. Whatever your project needs, Balliu provides it: You name it. We create it.


Discover some of our laser projects here, click to view more laser projects or contact us for your customized laser project.

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