A laser cladding machine from Balliu repairs and protects materials without causing deformation or porosity. Hard and corrosion-resistant layers are applied by a 2D, 3D or cylindrical coating.

2D, 3D or cylindrical coating & 3D printing opportunities

In the coating process, a laser beam moves over the material and a mixture of powder melts into the beam, which subsequently applies a hard layer over the material. This technique can be used for new products as well as to repair defective products. You can also choose a combination of laser cladding and laser welding techniques for your machine. We develop the laser machine adapted to the specific needs of your company. Both the laser cladding technique as the laser cladding machines can furthermore be used to 3D print certain specific pieces.

Different laser options for your laser cladding machine

The power of the laser is important when choosing a laser cladding machine. A laser must generate enough concentrated power to melt the cladding powder on the metal surface. The higher the power, the faster the production. At Balliu it is possible to choose different lasers, including a diode laser or a CO2 laser.

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Discover some of our laser cladding projects here, click to view more laser projects or contact us for your customized laser project.

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