Balliu is an established name in the field of laser technology with worldwide sales and a high-quality after-sales service. Our more than 30 years of experience in laser technology results in exceptional expertise in customized laser projects. Whether it concerns laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking or laser cladding. You name it, we create it.

Our values

Blauw Flexibiliteit Flexibility Adaptation Maatwerk Bespoke Customization Balliu | Balliu

We're adapting our services to your specific needs. We dare to look beyond the standard solutions and are always looking for the best laser technology for your company.

Blauw Innovatie Innovation Vernieuwing Engineering Automatisatie Automation Industrie 4.0 Industry 4.0 Internet of Things IoT Balliu | Balliu

We are always looking for new challenges, because standing still is moving backwards. Our R&D department innovates in the field of laser technology, automation, data insights and IoT. Our customers can benefit from Industry 4.0 so that they always have real-time data about their laser machine.

Blauw European quality In house Belgium BelgieМ€ Balliu | Balliu
European quality

Every step in the creation of your customized laser project is done in-house, at Balliu in Lokeren. We provide machine design, installation and after-sales service for your company. We work with European suppliers who provide materials of the highest quality

Blauw Robuust Robust Made to last Betrouwbaar Reliability Levensduur Balliu | Balliu

Our machines are designed to last. We design laser machines that take your production to the next level. Reliability and stability are key.

Blauw Service Opvolging Follow up Nazorg Balliu | Balliu

The customer is king. From the initial design process to the entire professional and personal trajectory and after-sales service.


  • Machines adapted to your needs
  • Integration of lasers into your project
  • Intelligent solutions for a higher productivity
  • Automation and robotics
  • A listening ear for all your personal wishes
  • Innovative R&D department
  • Part of the Ogepar-group, mainly working in the metal and machine production industry

Innovative laser technology solutions

With these values ​​in mind, Balliu continues to grow worldwide. Using innovative solutions, we want to offer our customers even better products so that all specific needs can be met. Especially in the field of unique and personalized, custom-made laser machines, Balliu takes on an expert role and is striving for a leading position in the market. We want to offer a customer-oriented and creative solution for all your laser applications, from “concept” to “successful” end product.

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