LCW 7000

Combined welding cutting of plates


Starting from standard sheets, loading, cutting and welding are carried out fully automatically to create a complete side wall of a rail coach.

The LCW 7000 is a fully automatic laser machine that produces the outer walls of a railway wagon. The photo shows a top view of the machine. The automatic loading system can load stainless steel plates from 2000 × 1250 mm up to 2500 × 4000 mm. The sheets are welded together one by one and loaded into the cutting zone. If there is sufficient sheet material in the cutting zone, cutting of the door and window openings will start. In the meantime, another bridge, equipped with suction cups, will start to remove the large pieces of cutting waste. Small cutting waste falls on a conveyor belt under the cutting table.
Once the openings have been cut, a new cycle of sheet metal welding starts together with cutting out doors and window openings. The resulting piece can be up to 25 meters long.



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Cutting Welding

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Railway industry

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